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About Us

We are Anemoi – Supporting the Winds of Change

Driven by invention and motivated by environmental protection, Anemoi was created to reimagine Flettner Rotors – a proven, but under-utilised technology that we want to work for the wider global shipping community.

As shipping experts, we fully understand the challenges facing our industry; from efficiency and regulations, to environmental footprints and cost pressures.

As engineers, we have confidently designed holistic systems that harness tested principles, without imitating anything that has gone before. We are committed to continuous development and improvement, in order to better meet the needs of a changing industry.

As innovators, we challenge norms, change attitudes and demonstrate what is possible, providing leadership in our field and presenting verifiable performance evidence to further the use of Flettner Rotors.

As investors, we believe in the future of this disruptive technology – we appreciate that achieving acceptable costs will encourage a broad commercial appeal.

As technology providers, we do not believe in ‘parachuting’ inappropriate technology onto ships, because we understand that solutions must fit with existing ship operations.

As specialists in dry bulk vessels, we understand that on any vessel, port operations are paramount, and any new systems must not impact cargo handling.

As environmentalists, we act with urgency to achieve a definitive step-change in the shipping industry – improving its emissions and green credentials.

As a team, we welcome the most difficult challenges in the spirit of British engineering and innovation, and we are committed to finding solutions that work across the industry.

With a passion for sustainable shipping and a hunger for research and development, we have brought Flettner Rotors to mainstream shipping for the first time.