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Our Deployment Systems

We Are Anemoi – Utilising a Full Range of Technical Solutions

Anemoi have pioneered a range of deployment systems that allow our Flettner Rotors/Wind Engines to move on the weather deck of vessels when in port. This huge leap forward, setting us apart from all other Flettner Rotor designs and addresses the problem of interference with cargo operations.

We have always recognised that as soon as rotors affect the operation of the vessel and its ability to do business, that they become useless. We have embraced this challenge where it is greatest – on board Bulk Carriers. These vessels are multi-faceted and complex, where cargo handling (loading and discharging) requires clear access for cranes, conveyors and unloaders to all holds.

We understand that efficiency of port operations is paramount and must not be compromised by Flettner Rotors, no matter the fuel savings offered by the technology. That is why all of our solutions have been prototyped, and we are now proving they work in the real world. Many ports have been visited by the MV Afros, to load and unload many different cargos – using the full range of cargo handling equipment. Our innovations in deployment systems make the installation of Flettner Rotors on most types of vessels a reality, and are suitable for installation on new-builds or as retro-fits.

We have several deployment Systems for Anemoi Wind Engines with patents pending:

Longitudinal Rails

Transverse Rails



Our deployment systems offer great flexibility in determining the operating positions of Wind Engines on deck. Our installation designs satisfy flag state authorities regarding navigation visibility from the bridge conning positions (clear sectors).

We have modified, as required, designated helicopter landing positions to the satisfaction of helicopter operators. It should also be noted that our Wind Engines, mounted on the weather deck, do not generally increase the air draft (bridge clearance) of cargo vessels. But if they do, we have a solution in the form of our ‘Folding’ Wind Engines.