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Folding Deployment System

We Are Anemoi – Designing the First Flettner Rotor with Lowering Capability

This deployment system has been fully prototyped and extensively tested on land. The design is ready for installation on vessels and offers great flexibility. It is suitable for all types and sizes of vessel where either cargo handling or air draft requirements require Flettner Rotors that can be lowered.

The Folding system allows the Anemoi Wind Engine to be lowered so that is parallel to the deck. This greatly reduces the height of obstruction above deck, creating clearances for cargo handling operations or for when passing under bridges.

At sea, the Wind Engines are secured upright to foundation structures, designed to withstand the worst vessel motions, wind and waves. The Flettner Rotors operate in these positions whenever wind conditions are favourable, assisting ship propulsion.

An innovative mechanism housed with the foundation structure allows the Wind Engine to rotate, being raised or lowered in minutes. The system is designed as a shipboard crane for use in sheltered water.