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Transverse Rail Deployment System

We Are Anemoi – Making Bulk Carrier Installation Possible

This configuration of our Rail Deployment System will be installed on a Gearless Bulk Carrier, and the ship in question has already been prepared to receive eight Wind Engines.

The deployment system has many features in common with our Longitudinal Rail Deployment System. The main differences are with the rails, which in this case run transversely on the cross decks between hatches, to suit this vessel with side-opening hatch covers.

At sea, the Wind Engines are secured to foundation structures, designed to withstand the worst vessel motions, wind and waves. The Flettner Rotors operate in these positions whenever wind conditions are favourable, assisting ship propulsion.

In port, in preparation for cargo handling, the Wind Engines are transferred from their foundations onto unique trolleys, running on rails. The trolleys are sophisticated, bespoke shipboard cranes designed for use in sheltered water. They allow the Wind Engines to be moved along the side deck and thereby create the clearances required for safe and efficient cargo handling by all types of cranes and equipment.

The Wind Engine movements are pre-planned alongside the Cargo loading Plan. By combining our innovative engineering with practical operational experience, we avoid any impact on port productivity.