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We are Anemoi – Global Leaders in Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion

Our mission is to advance Flettner Rotor technology, accelerating its adoption across the world’s merchant fleet and proving it can work for a sustainable future of shipping.

Flettner Rotors harness power from the wind to help propel ships, enhancing vessel efficiency by decreasing fuel consumption, reducing bunker costs and lessening vessel emissions.

By combining this renewable energy technology with innovative engineering and a deep practical understanding of the shipping industry, we have developed Flettner Rotor systems that offer fuel-saving benefits to a range of vessel types and sizes, both as new-builds and as retrofits.

Anemoi Flettner Rotor systems are designed for installation across different sectors, including the world’s fleets of Geared Bulk Carriers, Gearless Bulk Carriers and Tankers.

We have now installed our Flettner Rotors on the weather deck of a Geared Bulk Carrier, the MV Afros. The 64 000DWT Afros already boasts best-in-class efficiency, meaning that our Rotors make this vessel a groundbreaking innovation in sustainable shipping. Our extended Sea Testing of this Flettner rotor system is also constantly yielding valuable data on Rotor performance, enabling us to optimise our systems to deliver maximum benefits.

This installation, the first on a vessel of this type or size, also demonstrates that cargo handling and port operations are not affected by Anemoi’s Flettner Rotor System.

Our innovative solutions successfully meet the challenges involved in applying this fuel saving technology to working bulk carriers conducting their business worldwide.